Income Inequality in U.S. Cities 1990

Spring Quarter 2011 : GEOG 360 – GIS Fundamentals

This is an early project of mine showing my incorporation of thoughtful and attractive design to GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping.

University District Demographics

Spring Quarter 2011 : CEP 303 – Social Structures and Processes

I helped create this set of maps with my teammate Sherwin to show the demographics of the University District. We used 2000 Census and 2005-2009 American Community Survey data.

Mapping Seattle’s Bikesheds

Spring Quarter 2011 : GEOG 461 – Urban GIS
Selected for the Geography Undergraduate Research Symposium

I worked with supervision on this project to create a GIS that showed the areas easiest to bike to on Seattle’s street network. These maps took into account distance on the network and the steepness of hills.